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We are Content-Oholic! (SEO on the rocks)

We are a team of enthusiastic and self-motivated individuals who know how content marketing is and will rule(ing) the industry. We find no bars in dealing with the type of content because we believe in the idea.

With Kalagrah, we aim to build a robust system of content marketing that can deliver results. It’s beyond plagiarism, keywords, and other techy stuff. 

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We write for individuals, big & small companies, videos, printed publications, Blogs, and  Apps. We also help companies build their content strategy, drive SEO, and create their entire information architecture.

Worked with various individuals, small and big companies, we molded our taste as per them. That’s why our content comes out to be the closest to their expectation. Thereby making a reliable position in the industry. 

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Who’s Behind Kalagrah?

Hi, I am Rishi Jain, a hardcore auto enthusiast turned content writer turned Organic content marketer.

I co-founded Kalagrah.com with the mission of making it one of the most genuine content producers globally. We are doing a lot of experiments DAILY to learn new methods of getting the content ranking. 

Money is the thing everyone rushes behind. So why invest money to get into the search results.

Hence, I invested a lot of time and tried new techniques to get my content on the first page of search engines. 

So, what you can expect from me and Kalagrah? Simple, Organic Traffic to your web platform. How? Let’s chat to dig deep. Drop me a mail.

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